T-1 week and count

Well, we are a week away and I am still looking for developers. I am SO hopeful that during this last week the developer community is going to realize that they have nothing better to do that weekend, so why not. I am receiving items that our sponsors want added to the goodie bags, so […]

T –2 weeks and counting

Well to be honest; I am really starting to give nervous. We have 14 days before our event and I am still 25 volunteers, with 22 of them needing to be developers, short of what I feel we need to complete all 19 projects. I don’t know what to do, I have been ordering food […]

T – 3 Weeks and counting

Well, we are 3 weeks away and I am starting to get REALLY worried. At the point that I wrote this, we have 72 volunteers and we need 28 more technical volunteers in order to have 3 developers on each project. We have swag that each volunteer is going to be receiving, and I have […]

T – 4 weeks and counting

I made a mistake, yep I sure did, I wrote down all the things that still needed to be done and OMG there is still a lot of things that need to be purchased and done before the event. I did find out that we have more money coming in which is going to be […]

T – 5 weeks and counting

During the past week we got slammed hard by over 18” of snow. That might not sound to bad, but that on top of the 28” we got the week before and you can understand why so many people in the Southern Maryland area was going crazy with cabin fever. So about the GiveCamp, as […]

Continue to move forward

As we continue to count down the days to the first Givecamp on the East coast I am getting more worried about the mistakes that are going to be made. I am not so foolish to believe that no mistakes are going to be made, but because this is the first one I guess I […]

T -8 weeks and counting

Just realized that we are 8 weeks away from the largest event that I have ever been part of. I am happy to report that things are starting to fall into place, I ordered the shirts this morning, along with Lanyards and the promotional bags. I got a great idea yesterday from Chris, he is […]

Southern Maryland GiveCamp

Well, not all the organization have been assigned a business analyst, the reason, we don’t have enough. What does this mean, well basically it mean I have to contact them and gather their requirements myself, hurray for me, but this was my idea right. I have assign I believe 14 of the 20, so that […]

Southern Maryland Give Camp

Well we’ve spoken to all the nonprofits/charities and it looks like all 20 applications seem to be simple enough to complete. Starting Monday Dec. 7, 2009 the business analysts are going to start contact each nonprofit/charity to get more detailed requirements. It’s my hope that we can have all the requirements gathered by mid-January. I […]

Southern Maryland Give Camp

Today we stopped accepting applications from nonprofits/charities and ended with 21 requests. Now the fun really starts, each person needs to be contacted so that we can gather a little more information about the project they want accomplished. Then we need to select the projects that can be scoped out for the weekend time frame. […]