Well, we are a week away and I am still looking for developers. I am SO hopeful that during this last week the developer community is going to realize that they have nothing better to do that weekend, so why not. I am receiving items that our sponsors want added to the goodie bags, so I am stuffing bags. I have a friend of mine that is going to let me use their pulling trailer, because yes there is that much stuff that I have to take to the event. To be honest, the wife is a little less then happy about all the boxes in the computer room. I was able to speak to the owner of Long John Silver on Great Mills Road, if we are able to get them our order by 5:10pm on Friday the 19th, they are giving us a 50% discount, no our volunteers are not paying for this. I also received an email from the manager of Olive Garden and we are going to speak today about what we are going to have on Sunday the 21st. The shopping and giveaways are being finalized. I think I have done all that I can.It’s now up to the volunteers to work their magic, and from the bios they gave me, it’s going to take very little magic, because these people are AWESOME.

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