Well, not all the organization have been assigned a business analyst, the reason, we don’t have enough. What does this mean, well basically it mean I have to contact them and gather their requirements myself, hurray for me, but this was my idea right. I have assign I believe 14 of the 20, so that only leaves 6 to do. I might send them an email asking them to write a paragraph or two about what they are wanting to accomplish.

I received an email from another local newspaper and after the interview he told me they were going to run the article in their Christmas paper, so hopefully we’ll generate more sponsors and volunteers this way.

One of our sponsors requested a breakdown for how their money is going to be used, I did supply them with a proposed breakdown and informed them that it was contingent on whether or not we received food sponsors.

It seems the closer we get to the event the more work is involved. I am hopeful that everything I read is true – “This is the most challenging thing I have ever done, and the most rewarding”

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