Well to be honest; I am really starting to give nervous. We have 14 days before our event and I am still 25 volunteers, with 22 of them needing to be developers, short of what I feel we need to complete all 19 projects. I don’t know what to do, I have been ordering food for 150 people, same thing with the swag that everyone is getting. I am really not worried about the amount of stuff purchased, or the food ordered; my concern is the nonprofits/charities. How are we going to finish them correctly and in a timely manner. What are we going to do if we are unable to finish and deliver something of value to these organizations who give all year long and ask little in return. The purpose of this event was two fold. First, give the nonprofits some much needed IT work and second I wanted to bring people together in a unique way. I am scared and I’ll admit it. I am taking any and all ideas to help get developers out to our event. Leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Jim

    I finally know your name!

    I'm new to the Richmond area. I'll go to the Richmond SQL Server users group meeting on March 11 and let everyone know there are still 20-plus positions open for the weekend.

    All the best


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