logo2_color I made a mistake, yep I sure did, I wrote down all the things that still needed to be done and OMG there is still a lot of things that need to be purchased and done before the event. I did find out that we have more money coming in which is going to be VERY nice. This is going to allow me to purchase some big ticket items that are going to be given away to a volunteer at the end of Sunday. With the items that are going to be given away I believe I am going to make it “Must be present to win” rule and trust me you’ll want to stick around for what you could win.

We are thinking of having Chick-F-La for Friday nights dinner, but I forgot that any one practicing Lent is not able to eat meat, they can have fish but no type of animal meat. The wife had a really good idea and I think I am going to use it, we have a Long-John Silver, so anyone that anyone does not wanting the chicken we can go there for them. I am not forgetting the vegetarians and vegans, I’ll have fruit and salad there most of the event and Chick-F-La offers a fruit platter that we’ll be getting.

I want to do something special for Sunday, that is the day that everyone is going home and some people will be traveling 4 plus hours. We have a new Olive Garden restaurant opening on the 22nd of Feb and I am wanting to contact them and see what their best price is.

I am getting a little nervous; I am afraid that we are not going to have enough developers to complete all the projects. We have only 28 days left and still need 30 developers, so if you can find it in your heart to help these 19 nonprofits/charities please sign up at www.somdgc.org. I promise that we’ll feed you, we have plenty of coffee and caffeine and snacks through out the event. Besides, were else can you go and say that you were part of something that helped all of these organization in 48 hours. 

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