Just realized that we are 8 weeks away from the largest event that I have ever been part of. I am happy to report that things are starting to fall into place, I ordered the shirts this morning, along with Lanyards and the promotional bags. I got a great idea yesterday from Chris, he is the guy who came up with the givecamp idea, to cold call headhunters and recruiters about sponsoring food at the event, so I started making those calls yesterday and I’ll be make more of them next week. I also asked a dear friend of mine, John, to help out. His job is to make sure that I am not forgetting things…you know like paper plate, cups, my brain.

We still have 52 people that we need to sign up for our event. This is going to give us our 100 people and enough to make me shave my head bald and Andrew Duthie shave his head into a mo hawk.

Please know that I know I am going to make mistakes with this event, so when you make suggestions on how it could be better next year, please don’t be to hurtful.

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