Project Progress

Well, a few months ago I tweeted about a potential project. I believe it said something like, “I’ve been asked to be part of a Sharepoint project, should I accept or run” well come to find out I really did not have a choice I got put on the project anyway but not has a […]

Populating ListControls

I was reviewing some code that I had written some time ago and had every intension of going back and refactoring. The code in question looks like this: Drop Down List Populator private void BuildLists() {    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlLocation, ReferenceType.Location);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlBeltType, ReferenceType.BeltType);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlBusinessUnit, ReferenceType.BusinessUnit);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlAgency, ReferenceType.Agency);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlOrganization, ReferenceType.Organization);    }    private void BuildReferenceDropDownList(DropDownList ddl, ReferenceType referenceType) […]

Central Maryland Code Camp

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone that organized the CMAPCC. The amount of work involved in putting together one of these event has not gone unnoticed, your group did a great job. During this Code Camp I had the honor to give a presentation on using the Extensions Manager for Visual […]

Code I am asked to refactor

So how many times have you heard this question ” Can you help me? ” I was asked recently to help on a project that is to be turned over to the client by the end of October. My tasking was to take this page and make it cleaner, add an email process and add […]

Printing Data-Windows using PowerBuilder as a Web Application!

With the assistance of Sybase, we were able to resolve one of the two issues I have been having in converting this application over from a client/server application to a .net web application, and that is the print issue. I am writing this because after months of researching I found nothing online to help me, […]

Starting the journey?

A few months ago I was part of a Twitter debate over certifications (ie: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCITP), or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)) I argued that these Certifications were extremely valuable to an individual starting out or right out of college, but someone with 10 plus years should not […]

Continued Issues

If you have read any of my prior posted, you are aware that I have the “honor” of developing software using a product from Sybase known as PowerBuilder. Around the beginning of July I found out that I was getting a newer machine, still using Windows XP SP3, but I would get Windows Office 2007 […]

Nice Visual Studio 2010 Extension

Are you a presenter at user groups or code camp? Are you writing code during your presentation – you should be? As developers we practice writing the code, making sure that code we write is correct and once we have it right we’ll copy it and put it in a separate file that we’ll open […]

Windows Phone 7

Last week I downloaded and started to play around with Windows Phone 7. I made the mistake of saying that I would give a presentation to the Southern Maryland .NET User Group on mobile development and more specifically, Windows Phone 7. So I downloaded the CTP and just started to try and figure it out, […]

Philly GiveCamp Day 1 and 2

I was assigned last night to two projects, “Weed and Seed” and “Light of Hope”. I guess I defaulted to the Project Manager and the “SiteFinity” go to guy, which is excellent cause I have five people working these project and I would probably just get in the way.So last night I created three projects […]