I was assigned last night to two projects, “Weed and Seed” and “Light of Hope”. I guess I defaulted to the Project Manager and the “SiteFinity” go to guy, which is excellent cause I have five people working these project and I would probably just get in the way.
So last night I created three projects and uploaded two of them. I finished around 2300 and we called it a night.
Woke up at 0630 and decided that I would make my way over to the conference room and making sure that everything was working properly.
Day two started off with a bagel and – Yes I ate it – fruit. My team members started filtering in at around 0830 and they started jumping right into the content. We were waiting on the designer to come in with his changes. The designer arrived around 9:30 and had the designs for both of the websites. I created a custom theme for each website and uploaded them to their respective websites.
The developers were finished with both websites before 1700 on Saturday and a few of my teammates are planning on staying home tomorrow. We even had a couple of Java developers that worked on the Sitefinity websites and made a comment on how easy it was to pick up and work with.
Basically I am sitting here able to write a blog and update some of the Admin credentials on each of the pages. Even though I am not developing I am happy that I made the trip. I was able to show 10 developers how to use Sitefinity and some of the capabilities. I was also able to train so of the nonprofits on how they could maintain their website in the future. 

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  1. Good job, Jim! Very cool that you've taken your experience from Southern Maryland GiveCamp and passed it along to the folks in Philly…you rock!

    Have you convinced Dani to get a mohawk yet? 🙂

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