Last week I downloaded and started to play around with Windows Phone 7. I made the mistake of saying that I would give a presentation to the Southern Maryland .NET User Group on mobile development and more specifically, Windows Phone 7. So I downloaded the CTP and just started to try and figure it out, boy was that a mistake. What I should have done, and what I’ll do from this point on, is gone to Scott Guthrie post on creating a Windows Phone 7 App. By going through his example I was able to get a better understanding of Windows Phone 7 and I believe that I have the general understanding of how Windows Phone 7 works. This by no means implies that I am a Mobile phone developer, but I can give a pretty good presentation. I was trying to be cute and use a twitter API I found, you may have used it yourself – Twitterizer – which is a really nice product that I have used in the past but does not work so well with the Silverlight Windows Phone 7 API. I’ll continue these postings as I find things people may have an interest in, until then, enjoy what you code and code what you enjoy.

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