I would like to take a moment and thank everyone that organized the CMAPCC. The amount of work involved in putting together one of these event has not gone unnoticed, your group did a great job.

During this Code Camp I had the honor to give a presentation on using the Extensions Manager for Visual Studio 2010. Although there was very little code in the presentation, the features that some of these free tools provide are priceless.

We first spoke about Snippet Tool. This tool allow you to highlight code, right click and export this code out into a snippet. By creating a snippet we could take a format and use it across multi projects. The best part of this tool is probably for code speakers. We create and test code before taking it to User Group or Code Camps. Now we can extract that code, create the snippet, and use it in a blank project.  This is ONLY supported in VS 2010.

We next spoke about Ghost Docs, this tool allow you document your code using XML. The benefit of using a tool like Ghost Docs are the tool tips generated when implementing a class. You’ll be able to gather more information from the comment, then from the class name itself. Though this is supported by all versions of Visual Studio except 2002 and before.

The final tool we spoke about was the Productivity Power Tools, this tool is the most powerful tool that you could put into our Visual Studio 2010 tool belt for FREE. There are 14 different features and the best thing I can say is download it and play. See how this tool will help you in your development.

If you would like the presentation and code for the Add-In, please feel free to download it from here

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