Second New Job

Well, on June 29th of 2015, I started my second new job of the year. To say it’s been an interesting year, work wise, is an understatement. My newest new job is with Wyle in Lexington Park MD and I am lucky enough to be the Software Developer Lead on a project that is going […]

Indoor Lettuce

I, like so many others, want to improve my health this year and the easiest way to do that is to eat better. Just about every healthy person I spoken to say that being healthy is 80% food and 20% exercise. Then they told me that the easiest thing to eat, because you can eat […]

New Year ?

Looks like I have not updated this thing in a LONG time. So I am hoping to use this blog spot as a place to write down and track my goals for 2015. Maybe add photos or the rides I am going to take this year 1) One of the things I have asked my […]

Day 10

Well I am now injured to the point where if I do any push-up or rest on my arm to do the planks it hurts. I am going to see a chiropractor this afternoon. I believe I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Once I get this better, I’ll start the 30 day challenges […]

Day 8 of the 30 day challenge

So today all I needed to do was 45 second plank. I did it and my shoulder still hurts. I think tomorrow is going to be a little more difficult, we move up to 1 minute plank and 7 push-ups. Just remember, you have to start somewhere…and this is my start.

Day 7 of 30

First I complete my push-ups (7 today) to a few minutes rest then did the 45 second plank session. I was feeling a little pain in my left should when I was doing my plank session. I am not sure if this is related or if I did something different.

Day 6 of 30

I think I forgot that I was on day 6 cause I did 7 push ups. So tomorrow I will stick with 7 push ups and do 45 second planks. Then I get to rest on the push ups.

Day 5 of 30

Well today I made a little mistake, I did my 5 push ups but I only did the plank for 30 seconds, I forgot to adjust the timer. Tomorrow I get a break from the planks but increase the push ups to 6. We’ll see if I am able to continue, I should hope so.

Day 4 of the 30 Day challenges

On day 4 I got a reprieve from the push-ups so all I needed to do was 30 second planks. I figured, what the hell, did the 30 seconds and then got in the shower. I have some weeding that needs to be accomplished this morning, so I thought that would also could has an […]

Day 3 of 30 day challenges

I did my challenges early today 5 push ups and 30 second planks…The push up were still difficult but a little easier, and I mean a little easier, then yesterday. So according to the challenge calendar I get to take tomorrow of, but the planks are asking for another 30 seconds. I think the planks […]