Central Maryland Code Camp

The code we did during our session:https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ProjectName=JRPendarvis&ReleaseId=4348

Sitefinity CMS

My first CMS is going to be Sitefinity. A fellow geek had written a blog on his experience with Sitefinity, David Makogon did a write up on installing this CMS, so if you are planning on using this CMS I would recommend starting with his blog. I did download and installed the software and started […]

Save the Web Form and still separate concern

This afternoon I was listening to one of my “Geek Idols” Scott Hanselman (twitter @shanselman) who hosts a weekly talk show about technology at http://www.hanselminutes.com/. This weeks topic was “A different way to do ASP.NET WebForms with WebFormsMVP” and I got to thinking, this is not new – I have been doing this kind of […]

Continue to learn

Have you ever felt like Forrest Gump at a Mensa conversion? I know I have, many times, mostly when I attend these day long training sessions known as “Code Camp”. I remember attending my first code camp in Richmond, VA – I want to say it was the Spring of 2004. When I was done […]

Microsoft E Learning Part II

This time I am taking Course 6676: Creating Controls for Web Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This course is also suppose to take 2 hours and prepare you for exam 70-562 TS.They have a prerequisites of three years of Visual Studio developing, monitoring, and debugging Web applications. I think this is a little high. […]

Creating the Model

As I embark on the task of converting the Powerbuilder Application to Visual Studio, I follow the usual steps I take when creating a new application. The first step is to create the database, but since this is an existing application, that step has already been taken care of. However, there is a challenge – […]

Visual Studio 2008

Well, we finally got the VS 2008 Professional Edition at work and I am having trouble installing the product. Not because of the Setup process but because of the way the people partitioned the machine. I am hoping that the convertion from PowerBuilder to VS is going to be easier using the 2008 tool. We’ll […]