This afternoon I was listening to one of my “Geek Idols” Scott Hanselman (twitter @shanselman) who hosts a weekly talk show about technology at This weeks topic was “A different way to do ASP.NET WebForms with WebFormsMVP” and I got to thinking, this is not new – I have been doing this kind of development for the past three years, I use a presentation layer in my projects and implement an interface in the code-behind so the view only renders the output, but I listened anyway and even though the concept was not new their approach was. It seems that some very smart people down in Australia came up with a way of making this even easier. So I am going to download these DLL’s and play with them. I might have to come up with a presentation that I can do at an upcoming Code Camp or CodeStock(next year)…I’ll call it “WebForm’s – Let them live with MVP” what do you think?

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