This time I am taking Course 6676: Creating Controls for Web Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This course is also suppose to take 2 hours and prepare you for exam 70-562 TS.They have a prerequisites of three years of Visual Studio developing, monitoring, and debugging Web applications. I think this is a little high. An individual should be able to grasp these concepts with 6 months to a year of experience. I am not saying that these people are going to be going in on Monday and start writing user controls without issues, I know plenty of “Senior” developers that still have some difficulty writing User Control, even I still have to use a reference guide on something, but I still believe that this course not so difficult that you need three years.

There are a few times, at least once, I noticed that the information being displayed was incorrect. It’s a very minor thing, but I know that in the C# world we don’t use or have the “me.” notation, we use the “this.”

I really enjoyed the part on Mobile development and how we can develop to mobile devices. I am never have the need to create mobile applications, at least with the job I currently have, but I might one day want to venture out and start creating one.

The lab in this course was a lot better then in the last course I took, mainly because I was writing code, adding files, deleting files and editing the code.

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