Day 6 of 30

I think I forgot that I was on day 6 cause I did 7 push ups. So tomorrow I will stick with 7 push ups and do 45 second planks. Then I get to rest on the push ups.

Trying a new diet

  On Saturday April 20, 2013, I made a life change. I have been following a couple of people on youtube and seeing receipts on pinterest. Every person I have seen said they are replacing two of their meals with a smoothie and they are losing over 10lbs a month. So I am going to […]


Well, it looks like I got a “lateral” promotion. After 14 years working with this organization they are giving me the chance to lead the Wed Development Team. I’m not sure if this is the path I want my career to go or not. There seems to be a lot more time in Microsoft Project […]

Vegetable Garden 2012

This year I went a little larger then last year, so what am I planting? Well in the bed I planted in last year I put herbs and some carrots, I know nothing really exciting. I decided to build 2 more raised beds, the first one is a 5’ x 4’ and the 2nd is […]

Let a new nightmare begin

So I am gearing up to re-write an application that is well over 10 years old. During this process we have chosen to clean up the database as well, and this is where I started looking. During my research I found that the application as over 230 tables available to it, of those 112 are […]

River City GiveCamp

Well, I have signed up to participate – as a developer – in the 2nd River City GiveCamp located down in Richmond, VA. This is going to be a completely different experience for me because it well be the first time I get to do the work for the non-profit. I did participate in the […]

12 days of Geekmas

12 – Comic Books 11 – Coffee Mugs 10 – TeraBytes 9 – USB Ports 8 – Gig of RAM 7 – Development Tools 6 – Star Wars Movies 5 – Flatscreen monitors 4 – Virtual Machines 3 – Smart Phones 2 – Twitter Accounts T-1 line for the home office

31 days of January

So I am thinking that I am going to use the month of January to learn a new .NET 4.0 class. Then I am going to write what I learned, at least this way I can keep my blog up to date.

Code Camp Presentations

During the first two weekends in October I had the honor at speaking at the NoVACC and RichCC. My presentation was an “Intro to Windows Phone 7” and it seemed to be received well. We were able to walk through the different templates that are provided, show how we bind data, navigate between pages and […]