On Saturday April 20, 2013, I made a life change. I have been following a couple of people on youtube and seeing receipts on pinterest. Every person I have seen said they are replacing two of their meals with a smoothie and they are losing over 10lbs a month. So I am going to give it a modified try. I know I can’t do two meals a day, so I am going to start with a single meal. I have been doing pretty well for the past four days. I will replace either my breakfast or my lunch and eating two normal meals. I am trying to stay away from vending machines and drinking a lot more water. So far I have lost 2lbs, so I think I will continue and once I get used to the one meal I might go to two meals. This smoothie was made with:

It turned out pretty good….I believe I am going to give this a month and see what happens.

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