This year I went a little larger then last year, so what am I planting? Well in the bed I planted in last year I put herbs and some carrots, I know nothing really exciting. I decided to build 2 more raised beds, the first one is a 5’ x 4’ and the 2nd is an 2’ x 8’.


In the 5 x 4 I planted 4 green beans, 3 cucumber against the trills, in front of them I placed 1 Early Girl, 2 Celebrity and 1 Cherry – all tomatoes. Then I have a total of 9 Bell Peppers.

In the 2 x 8 I have 6 Rutger Tomatoes and 2 Cantaloupe


I started these during the second week of April and today our cantaloupe plants are almost 6’ tall and producing a lot of male flowers, the tomatoes all have at least one fruit on each plant. I have harvested a small lot of green beans and noticed a cucumber. The bell pepper are extremely large and have many potential fruits. Everything that I have read and seen says that I am about 15 days away from seeing some major results and I have to say I am happier about this year.

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