Continue Learning, even if you are not currently using it

Recently I attended the NoVACC and I got into a conversation with a fellow technologist. During this conversation I express my concern that technology was passing me faster then I learn or use it (I work in an office that is still using Windows XP, Visual Studio 2008, IIS 6). He asked, “ Then why […]

Populating ListControls

I was reviewing some code that I had written some time ago and had every intension of going back and refactoring. The code in question looks like this: Drop Down List Populator private void BuildLists() {    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlLocation, ReferenceType.Location);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlBeltType, ReferenceType.BeltType);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlBusinessUnit, ReferenceType.BusinessUnit);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlAgency, ReferenceType.Agency);    BuildReferenceDropDownList(ddlOrganization, ReferenceType.Organization);    }    private void BuildReferenceDropDownList(DropDownList ddl, ReferenceType referenceType) […]

Northern Virginia Code Camp

I had the privilege yesterday(Dec 11, 2010) and attended the Northern Virginia Code Camp, or #NoVACC on twitter. While my focus today was on the MVC – with a session on Blend – the part the of this event that I’ll remember most is the charity that the Northern Virginia Code Camp sponsored – “Teardrops […]

Central Maryland Code Camp

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone that organized the CMAPCC. The amount of work involved in putting together one of these event has not gone unnoticed, your group did a great job. During this Code Camp I had the honor to give a presentation on using the Extensions Manager for Visual […]

Starting the journey?

A few months ago I was part of a Twitter debate over certifications (ie: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCITP), or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)) I argued that these Certifications were extremely valuable to an individual starting out or right out of college, but someone with 10 plus years should not […]

Nice Visual Studio 2010 Extension

Are you a presenter at user groups or code camp? Are you writing code during your presentation – you should be? As developers we practice writing the code, making sure that code we write is correct and once we have it right we’ll copy it and put it in a separate file that we’ll open […]

T – 5 weeks and counting

During the past week we got slammed hard by over 18” of snow. That might not sound to bad, but that on top of the 28” we got the week before and you can understand why so many people in the Southern Maryland area was going crazy with cabin fever. So about the GiveCamp, as […]