My views on “Same Sex Marriage”

First, let me state up front that I am a registered Republican. Please don’t stop reading this post because of that, and Republican – please continue to read, although I might not change what you believe you might loosen the grip a little. I am receiving emails, just about weekly, from the Republican party asking […]

HOA Meeting

On Thursday March 25, 2010 our BOD had their community meeting. Big deal, right; well right. You see, members of this current board were part of a smear campaign against the original BOD; which I am proud to say I was President of. The current members would walk around to the neighbors and make comments […]

President Obama’s Health Care Reform

President Obama delivered his plan to reform health care to the joint Congress and American people last night – September 9, 2009 – trying to sway people in Congress to back his bill. I just thought I would jot down my thoughts as well. Not related to the Bill – 1) I was NOT impressed […]