First, let me state up front that I am a registered Republican. Please don’t stop reading this post because of that, and Republican – please continue to read, although I might not change what you believe you might loosen the grip a little.

I am receiving emails, just about weekly, from the Republican party asking that we “contact your state Senator immediately to tell them to vote no on the assault on traditional marriage” and I’m hear a lot about the definition and the sanctity of marriage.

The “traditional marriage”, basically the way God intended, was for a man and a woman to come together for the purpose of procreation. We all understand the Biology of it, a Man and Man or Woman and Woman can not procreate; but guess what – in a world that is already over populated, I don’t think they want to procreate they just want to be together.

The “definition” of marriage is – according to – “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies” (Yes I see the one for same sex marriage, but that was added later). But if we really stop and think about where that definition came from, it comes from a man, that read the first book of the Bible and read that God created Adam and Eve; so how could marriage be anything but one man and one woman.

Now the “Sanctity” of marriage is where I get my biggest laugh. The sanctity of marriage is so far gone that we need to ask does it really exists any more. Think about it, the same politicians that are screaming that the “sanctity” of marriage will be lost are the same people that have been married two or three times. So where is the sanctity?

I’ll leave this post with this, on many issues – Gun Control, federal spending, government control, illegal immigration – I am 98% on Republican side. But on gay marriage, why not let them have the same rights as the husband and wife couples, allow them to claim each other on their taxes, and make chooses at the hospital without having to create a living will. Besides, it could also stimulate the economy. Think about it, if they go through a divorce, the attorney is getting paid more, which means s/he is spending more, which means companies are making money which means unemployment is going down. The gay couple should have to go though the same process as the “traditional” couples when considering things like – moving out-of-state, breaking up, having children (adoption), and purchases like cars and homes.

I know I might not have changed your mind on same sex marriage, the purpose of the post is to maybe, just maybe, see the other side – even if for a second.

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