On Thursday March 25, 2010 our BOD had their community meeting. Big deal, right; well right. You see, members of this current board were part of a smear campaign against the original BOD; which I am proud to say I was President of. The current members would walk around to the neighbors and make comments like, “The Board is not going to listen to anything we have to say”. The original BOD was even accused of being a Dictatorship. Again, so what? right? Well it seems that what the current Board is trying to be a Dictatorship. “What are they doing?” you might ask. Well here are a few comments that were made. “We are trying to find a reasonable place to have our meetings, some place that is not so far for people to attend. Maybe we could have it in a court or in someone’s basement or garage”. Really, someone’s basement. When I said that they can’t do that, the “attorney” on the Board make the comment:”There is nothing in the By-Laws” and she is right, there is nothing in the By-Laws because it is in Maryland State Law. It states in Section 11B-111.4 subsection (b) of the Maryland Annotated Code: ”Subject to reasonable rules adopted by the governing body, lot owners may meet for the purpose of considering and discussing the operation of and matters relating to the operation of the homeowners association in any common areas or in any building or facility in the common areas that the governing body of the homeowners association uses for scheduled meetings. “ do you see those words “common areas”, someone basement is NOT a common area.

I know this sounds like I am bitter and maybe I am, but not because I am no longer on the Board…I told many people that I would like to be off. I am bitter because for three years I felt that this once great neighborhood has been split because the members on the current Board were making comments that were unfair. As it stands right now, only one neighbor on my street really associated with the family, but when we first moved in and before the Board position, we spoke with everyone all the time. I have not changed but something did and I believe it’s the people who walked around, getting neighbors to sign their proxy over to them and making these comments that brought all this on.

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