This summer

This summer it is my “plan” to get some of the training provided to me done. I also found out today that one of the benefits of my company 24/7 e-reading material(5 chapters a month) and some of them are in an MP3 format, which is nice cause I can’t read. June is fast approaching […]

Converting my PowerBuilder app to .Net

A couple of posts again I blogged about, in my opinion, some advantages in using the Visual Studio over PowerBuilder’s IDE. First let my state that I don’t hate PowerBuilder, I worked with this IDE for over 10 years . Let me explain why I angry with Sybase and PowerBuilder in general. Has I stated […]

Dot Net Nuke CMS

With this CMS I needed a little help to get it set up on my local box. The person who helped me set up also gave me a very quick run down of how Dot Net Nuke (DNN) worked and some of the features. This post took a little longer then I wanted it to, […]

Powerbuilder vs Visual Studio

PowerBuilder is a tool that I work with. I started using PB back in version 3. “flashback”remembering when software was distributed on the 3 1/2″ floppy and we would remove locking mechanism so we would not overwrite the content”/flashback” I was excited about working with a “truly OOP language”. Today, PowerBuilder is on version 12.x and […]

Central Maryland Code Camp

The code we did during our session: