This summer it is my “plan” to get some of the training provided to me done. I also found out today that one of the benefits of my company 24/7 e-reading material(5 chapters a month) and some of them are in an MP3 format, which is nice cause I can’t read.

June is fast approaching and I signed up to help the Philly Give Camp. I’ll be in Philly, really in Malvern, during the first weekend in June. I am kind of excited to find out which project I am going to be assigned to and how we are going to accomplish it.

Also in June, my son Patrick is graduating from middle school. This is an exciting time from him, not only because he will be embarking on a new adventure, high school; but my in-laws are coming up special for this event.

I am also planning a trip down to Myrtle Beach – where the in-laws currently live – a spending about a week. This is a trip we normally take and we enjoy every moment. We normally go to the Putt Putt, which our youngest enjoys mostly and I am hoping this year to get back to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

We might attempt a day(or two) trip to Hersey Park, we went last year and it was so much fun the boys are asking to go back this year.

So I guess those are the trip, subject to change however the wife chooses, for the summer. It might not be a lot, but we do have the pool in the back yard and I could always going swimming.

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  1. Wow, looks like you'll be traveling back and forth between PA and parts South.

    Is your middle schooler the oldest? I can't believe my oldest is starting his Senior year of high school in August. Where does the time go?

    Our family is going to Tenn, near Huntsville, Alabama so my middle child can check out the space museum there. The rest of the week we'll be enjoying the lakes around our timeshare.

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