As many of you know, I have had a weight issue. About 13 years ago, about the time I quit smoking, I started gaining weight and I am now hovering at about 263lbs (For those people that knew me in high school, yes that is double my weight). I needed a way to get motivated to loose this “spare tire” hanging over the newly purchased belt.
During the weekend of October 9th 2010, I attended the Richmond Code Camp. At this event I ran into a friend and fellow geek Kevin Griffin. A few months ago he was talking about losing weight as well, I ask how he was doing with this and he said “Not so well”. This got the gerbil in my brain running in it’s wheel and I posed the challenge. We are going to work at losing weight until SoMDGC which will take place at the end of March. The individual that loses less weight, based on percentage of weight, well have to wear a Harry Potter costume on the second day of givecamp.
The challenge got bigger when I was speaking on the Community Megaphone Podcast, when the Co-Host, Joel Cochran, asked if anyone else could participate. Natural Kevin and I agreed that more people could, and then Joel started to waiver back on whether or not he wanted to do this. I made a comment about not being afraid of a former “Army” guy and he committee to the challenge.
So now we have three people participating in this challenge, which means that two of us are going to be wearing a Harry Potter costume. We will add a poll to the SoMDGC in a few months asking which costumes we should wear.
Just another reason to attend SoMDGC !!!!!!

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