So I have been training pretty hard the past three weeks, getting ready for the St. Mary’s Century. This is a bicycle road race here in St. Mary’s County (like you could not figure that out on your own) that has three different levels of competition. As a personal goal, if I make the ride without being sent to the hospital I win no matter what place I come in across the finish line.

Many times people will get others to sponsor them during their ride, and I am kind-of asking you to do the same thing. So here is how it’s going to work. I want you to pledge an amount for every Kilometer that I ride, to a non-profit that you choose. I am going to donate $1 for every kilometer that I ride to Autism Speaks.

You message me and let me know which organization that you are going to donate to and the amount per kilometer. Every organization that receives a pledge will be put on the back of the shirt that I am going to wear during the ride. I was thinking about something like “Riding for the following organization” and then putting the ribbon on the shirt.

If you have any questions please message me and we’ll see if we can answer them together.

Remember you choose the amount and the organization and I do the riding.

The three levels are:

35 Miles (56 kilometer)

65 Miles (100 kilometer)

100 Miles (161 kilometer)

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