So, I upgraded the wife’s laptop to Windows 8 about 6 months ago and about a month ago she started complaining that the OS continued to shut down on her. Every time I got up to see what the problem was she had already rebooted the machine, until today. I was able to see what message was being returned from the “Blue Screen of Death” and she was getting the system_service_exception. So naturally I went out and researched the problem and guess what, MANY people are experiencing this problem. I read a few recommendations, one was stop the automatic Windows update and another suggested that there was a memory issue. I have a different theory, mainly because after running the memory diagnostics and it found nothing, and turning off the auto-update feature, she had the problem again, I noticed that when we were in tile mode the store indicated that there were 15 items that needed updating. I slowly (like3 – 5 at a time) updated all of the applications and now the error has not re-appeared.

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