It’s December 1st and, I hope, everyone is getting into the Holiday spirit. I have been working hard at getting my outdoor Christmas decorations up and working and this as really put me, yes me, in a good mood. Today is also the day we start reviewing the application that we received for our 2nd annual SoMDGC (Southern Maryland GiveCamp). I’m excited because, not only do we have 19 potential non-profits hoping that we choose their organization, but I also have a great committee that is helping me this year. Starting today the Non-Profit coordinators are going to start reviewing the applications, some time this month they should be in contact with the representative and next month we start gathering requirements.

After looking at the requests; it looks like we have 10 new website, 8 donor/volunteer Data Base, an Intranet, and to expand one website(yes I know this is more then 19). I also have some very exciting ideas for some of these applications, if you want to know then you’ll have to sign up as a volunteer.

Calling out to sponsors:
Putting on an event like this takes a lot of time and money, time I have – money I do not.

These are some of the items we are going to need to make this event successful:

Friday Night Dinner
Friday Night Snack
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Saturday Afternoon Lunch
Saturday Night Dinner
Saturday Night Snack
Sunday Morning Breakfast
Sunday Afternoon Lunch

Caffeine – In the form of Cola, Coffee, 5 Hour Energy, Red Bull – you get the idea
Paper Plates, Plastic forks, knives and spoons, Napkins
Fruit – Apples, Bananas, and Grapefruits

These are some of the items we would like to give away to each volunteer:
Laptop Stickers
Coffee Tumblers

These are some of the items we would like to raffle off at the end:
I don’t want to say want we are thinking, but last year we gave away:

32GB Zune
Flip Video Recorders
Software from different vendors
2 X-box 360’s
and alot more

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