A month ago we started accepting applications from non-profits that would like our help at the 2nd annual SoMDGC and I am pleased to report that we currently have 5 applications. This is about where we were last year so I am not stress to much about it. The really exciting part is that we have 10 (not including the planning committee) volunteers that have signed up and I have not even, formally, announced that we are looking for volunteers. I’ll have to send an email blast to everyone that participated last year that we are formally looking. I have been get some great input from last years volunteers and even been given contact information for sponsorships. This information is going to make this years event, bigger and better then last years.

I know that we are 6 months away from this event, but now is the time to start thinking about it. If you would like to donate your time for worthy causes try and find a givecamp in your local community. I know that Microsoft is working with the GiveCamp national organization on developing a National Day of Giving. This is happening in January…we considered changing the date to January, but thought better of it. Why, you might ask, simple. Here in Southern Maryland we never know what the weather is going to be like, we have had days in January that got to over 70, but we have also had days when we got 13" of snow. I am not willing to risk the safety of the volunteers and non-profits that would be driving in this possible weather. There is also the possibility that everyone get here and then it snows and we are snowed in for a lot longer then the weekend. So we’ll stay with our March date.

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