Well on January 29, 2011, we sat down with 9 of the 18 non-profits that are requesting help from this years givecamp. I’ll be posting the video on youtube. Once I finish uploading them, the nonprofit well be linked to the appropriate video(please continue to check because each of these videos is taking 2+ hours to upload).  I can tell you this, after watching these videos I am going to bring my tripod the next time I do this.

During this time we had 3 business analyst working really hard at getting the requirement. Our Business Analyst coordinator had a great idea, she created folders in Google Docs and is sharing these folders with the respective non-profits, designers and the business analyst that is taking their requirements. This information is then going to be shared to the assigned technical team lead. They will be able to read the requirements document and choose the best method in filling those requirements.

These folder are also going to be used during the event. It will be a place that we can store information like, hosting company, passwords and other vital information that could help the nonprofits when the event is over.

We would like the technical volunteers to take a moment and review each of the videos, if there is one of the organization that you would like to help please send us an email.

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