So, for many years I was having issues with a stinging sensation going down my left arm. I went through physical therapy, shots in the spine and a chiropractor with little or no success. I finally broke down and went to see a surgent Dr. Jean-Marc Voyadzis, MD. He informed me that I had 3 degenerative disc’s located between my C5-C6, C6 – C7 & C7 – T1 and that the fusion surgery would be my best option, so I scheduled for Dec 3, 2018.

On March 27, 2019 I had my last follow-up appointment, Dr. Voyadzis said that I was recovering fast than he thought I would be and that new bone was growing over top of the fusion. I was given the go ahead with all activity without restriction. He did tell me to start off slowly and if I had some discomfort that some aspirin should help fix it.

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