So this afternoon I had the honor of seeing my Great Nephew for the first time, he was born yesterday around 3:00 pm – 8lbs 2oz 20” long. I was trying to find a away to show my in-laws – they live out of state and could not make the trip for the birth – their first great-grandchild. Now I could have video taped him and post him on youtube or some other video sharing service, but how can I show the great-grandparents their first great-grandchild live.

I did a quick search on the Driod 2 and found that has, not only an app to view Ustream TV, but also a way to broadcast live video. I also found out that this app is available for the IPhone and Blackberry and if you want to keep the video private, you have the ability to add a password to gain access.

To say that the great-grandparents were more then happy would be an understatement. They were able to see him cry, feed and even open his eyes – a little. Great-MeMaw was even able to tell her granddaughter that she need to adjust the bed she was in for better support.

So if you have an event coming up, you know that wedding that the uncle can’t attend or the cousin that is overseas and can’t attend the family reunion, you now have an option to let them participate without really being there. The only problem with this type of broadcasting is that it is only one way, which mean that this is not video chatting.

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