Alright, I just found out this week that part of my MSDN subscription volume licensing allows me to take E-Learning course from Microsoft. I selected the Course Collection that I wanted to take and after a few phone calls, found out that the collection I selected was not one of the available “Free” collections. I did find that in the “My Subscription” there are 10 course that I could take for free. Free learning, I am going to take advantage of this, so I scrolled down and selected my first course “Course 6679: Implementing Separation of Concern Using Model-View-Controller in Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Applications” MVC, a new way for developing web applications – can’t be a web site – must be an application. The directions say it should take about 2 hours – which it did – and there are some videos and labs – both VB and C# – and at the end they had a little scenario that you interact with. I did enjoy the course but I have a small problem with it. The course was designed using the MVC framework 1.0 Beta. If a person goes into this course having the non-beta version or never having seen the Beta version, they are going to be confused. There is no code-behind for the “Views”, some of the really nice features are not highlighted with the Beta release. The instructor in the videos did say that there is on code in the code-behind, but he also said that there was information that needed to be there. I did get something out of the course but I had to remind myself that I was watching a video and reading text based on the Beta version not the Released version.

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