I have come to a point in my life that I realize that I am unable to continue living the life that I am. I am no longer happy, I am missing out on a lot of different parts of life. This divorce is going to cost me money, but not anywhere near the money that the past 15 years has cost me. So, on May 1, 2010 I am going to divorce – McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Roy Rogers, Popeye’s, KFC, Taco Bell, China Harbor, Bon Buffet and any other fast food restaurant. I am tired of you slowing me down, taking my money, you leave a negative maker on my life and I am sick and tired of dealing with the mess you bring into my life.
I am giving you one week to get your things together and get out of my life completely. I will not be stopping by for a “quickie” – drink or salad. I wish you the best of luck in your future, however; we are finished.

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  1. LOL…You got me!…I was ready to call Wendy and see if she was ok. Course, I should have known, when she said, "'til death do us part.", she meant it….LOL I cheer you on! May we all be able to follow your lead. Sandy

  2. just wait Pendarvis…….when you least expect it I am going to have a Big Mac, french fries, and a chocolate shake ready to ram down your mouth LOL

  3. It's about time you walked out! You're to good for all of 'em. I just know you're going to bounce back even better!

    Knock 'em dead.

  4. You had me…Wendy is evil, don't you listen to her, honey. You tell them to f off! I have pretty much given up that shit too. I always feel sick after I eat it.

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