Well, about a month ago I planted some vegetables – for the first time. I planted 8 bell peppers, 4 cucumber, 4 green zucchini and 6 tomato plants. I am using the side of my house and build a raised bed to put everything in. But I had a problem, I think I put to much in the small ( 4’ x 4’ ) area. I am growing the cucumbers vertically and we are starting form little cucumbers. We also have 4 tomatoes and 2 female pods in the zucchini…but what I am really excited about are all the potential cucumbers. I swear I saw at least 15 cucumbers that I’ll be eating in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

I went and showed the wife, and guess what – she wants a larger garden next years so I am going to take my son and we are going to build some raised beds. I am going to plot out what we are going to grow next year, I am also going to grow some lettuce, garlic and onions this winter. I am going to start planting my seeds at the end of July.

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