PowerBuilder 11.x has a fantastic feature, it allows PowerBuilder developers to deploy their old applications into .NET 2.0 framework applications – either windows based or web based. There is one small problem with this “feature”, the code you are writing is still Sybase code. A major disadvantage, I believe, is that the code generated by Sybase is not available for you to alter or even review (I know there are tools out there to do this). If you have an old PowerBuilder application I would recommend trying to rewrite the app and use DataWindow.NET. This tool gives the developer the ability to reuse all the Data Windows you created, the easy of use is amazing and the code you are writing is minimal.

I am going to “attempt” to rewrite an Enterprise Level application and I’ll post the progress here. If, when reviewing my code, you see a better way please feel free to suggest them.

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