For about four year I have been trying to find my “nitch” in the development community. I run a local user group, coordinated a givecamp, attend and speak at code camps, I am always feel like I am NOT advancing the way others developers I know are.Part of the problem stems from not having the advanced developers around me to learn from. So what would you do? Would you continue, knowing that your name is not going to be picked to talk to another user group. Would you go on, even when your talks at the code camps are only getting 5 – 10 people? How about your writing, I want to write technology blog post, but believe that the information that I have does not have enough value. I recently read a blog post on over writing the ToString method in your business objects, it was a good post, but I am thinking in my head that I do this all the time and I know why, I just can’t seem to articulate this in print. I read books, but even those don’t take me to the level that I want to be at.

So what would you do, if you felt like you are not advancing the way you would like?

I can tell you that I am not going to stop going to Code Camp, or GiveCamps or even stop the User Group, but I do wish I could find a mentor, someone that would allow me to learn from them…I think that is going to be difficult to find where I currently live.

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