Well, last week a co-worker gave me his road bike, to borrow and train with, and I took it out on Saturday. During this ride I was able to complete just under 21 miles in a little over 89 minutes. Now, considering that the elevation reached 170 feet and the longest stretch of anything considered […]

From 0 to 100 miles

Well yesterday I posted on Facebook that I signed up for the St. Mary’s Century. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I have already committed to riding, so now I have to start training. Here is the problem, my bike is gear toward off-road riding and I have not […]

Garden Update

Well, about a month ago I planted some vegetables – for the first time. I planted 8 bell peppers, 4 cucumber, 4 green zucchini and 6 tomato plants. I am using the side of my house and build a raised bed to put everything in. But I had a problem, I think I put to […]