Sitefinity CMS

My first CMS is going to be Sitefinity. A fellow geek had written a blog on his experience with Sitefinity, David Makogon did a write up on installing this CMS, so if you are planning on using this CMS I would recommend starting with his blog. I did download and installed the software and started […]

I am getting a divorce!

I have come to a point in my life that I realize that I am unable to continue living the life that I am. I am no longer happy, I am missing out on a lot of different parts of life. This divorce is going to cost me money, but not anywhere near the money […]

CMS compare

First I am going to say that I have very little experience working with the Content Management Systems that I am going to be testing. I was the coordinator of the Southern Maryland Give Camp, during this event I STRONGLY that the developers used one of the CMS’ available. The two that I recommended were […]

Give Camp Sponsors are Fantastic

My last blog was dedicated to the volunteers, now I must take this time to extend the thank you branch and acknowledge the companies that made our event financial possible. Even with the greatest people, which we had, working on these projects we could not have feed over 100 volunteers with corporate backing. Naturally we […]

Give Camp Thank You

Well we had our lessons learned meeting last night (March 30, 2010), with the volunteers invited, nothing personal NPO’s, I was trying to make sure the the volunteers could speak technical. I am going to transcribe the lessons learned and post it into a wiki on our website, hopefully by the end of the week. […]